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Upvc Windows

UPVC Windows are usually the first choice for direct timber replacement or crittal metal windows. Variety and depth of choice is the keynote with this popular British window style which is in a wide range of options. Choose top & side openers, fixed and opening panes, or why not go for a bow window or a bay window. Choose patterned or stained glass, leaded, or Georgian panes. The wide selection on offer enables you to choose the style that is perfect for your home. UPVC windows have double shoot-bolts, 2-4 espgn locks on the locking side & 2 interlocking locks on the hinge side with double drought excluders and key locking handles. They also feature internal ogee glazing beads, which mean that the sealed units cannot be removed from outside thus making it burglar proof. The beveled frames, profile beading, mitered corners, authentic colour and texture give theses beautiful windows a traditional elegance

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Casement Windows

  • World's best-selling windows in traditional uPVC design
  • Combine fixed panes, top-opening and side-opening
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Tilt & Turn Windows

  • Practical and attractive
  • Open inwards from top or side
  • Allow excellent ventilation, and easy to clean
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Sash Windows

  • Elegant traditional sash design, in advanced uPVC
  • Historic looks combined with excellent security
  • Install new or as replacement
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